benefits of neem

Neem has been used medicinally in Ayurveda for almost 4000 years and in Ayurveda, it is also known as ‘server prevention prevention’, which means – the cure of all diseases. In Ayurveda, ‘Neem’ is considered a unique medicine, because neem is possible to cure all kinds of diseases.

Neem is rich in antibiotics, which work to keep diseases away. Neem is bitter in taste but is equally beneficial for diseases. According to Laxmidatta Shukla, the Neem tree is the treatment of many diseases like skin infections, wounds, and fungal infections.

Neem is a treasure trove of medicines –

Every part of the neem tree is important neem fruit, seeds, and leaves, oil is extracted from all these and this oil is used for the treatment of skin-related diseases and many other health-related problems. is done.

Neem is mostly used for skin-related diseases such as eczema and psoriasis, it can be cured quickly, but due to antibiotic properties, neem can cure all kinds of diseases. Let us know which diseases, which can be treated with the use of Neem –

Blood is clean if consumed daily- Neem intake clears the blood of the body and the level of sugar in the blood is also balanced. Mixing two-three neem leaves and a little honey in a glass of water regularly, and drinking on an empty stomach in the morning, also improves hormone levels.

Beneficial for bones and joints pain-

Neem contains inflammatory elements, which relieve pain. Neem leaves and flowers provide relief in joint pain. Boil neem flowers and leaves in a glass of water for two consecutive months, and drinking this water cures arthritis. Along with this, the massage of neem oil also relieves joint pain and this oil also strengthens the muscles.

A panacea treatment for diabetic patients –

A study has found that neem has hypoglycemic properties, which reduce blood sugar particles. If a diabetic patient eats a neem leaf in the morning, then the sugar of the patient is balanced.

Neem Brings in the Face –

Even when people test neem, their face deteriorates, but neem is great medicine for the face. Neem face packs, neem water, neem honey, neem soap, neem oil, etc. are used to improve the face.

Bruises are also removed-

If neem paste is used on any injury marks, then any type of scars are reduced. For this, add a little turmeric to the neem paste. Apart from this, grinding basil, and rose water in neem leaves and applying to the face improves the skin and makes the skin spotless.

According to Lakshmidatta Shukla, neem has contraceptive properties that cause miscarriage. If you see any negative effects from its use, then you should contact Ayurveda.


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